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Myopia Master®

Refraction, Axial Length and Keratometry

The new Myopia Master® is the first device to combine the important measurement parameters for making myopia management much easier and more reliable than ever. Other risk factors, such as ethnicity, number of myopic parents as well as time spent with near-vision and outdoor activities influence the growth of the eye and should also be recorded initially in children.

Age-related normative data

The values of different parameters (i.e. axial length, refraction) are visualized in a normative data cloud, providing a quick and meaningful classification of the eye’s geometry relative to normal values. Any progression in axial length or refractive error is highlighted, the overall myopia risk is displayed in a colour bar.

Colour codings in the questionnaire help in assessing myopia risk

In determining the risk of developing myopia it is important to also consider factors not apparent in the eye’s geometry, e.g., the number of myopic parents or the time per day spent with outdoor and with near-vision activities such as reading. These factors are sampled in a questionnaire using colour bars and smiley face scales for the patient’s orientation.

Myopia Software and a Take-home Report

With all relevant data just a click away, the Myopia Master® software will serve you well in consulting with your patients. All patient data are available to you at any time via the display or a linked computer. Findings are illustrated with colour codings and elucidated with detailed information for ease of understanding for patient, ophthalmologist and optometrist alike.

Risk factors and treatment recommendations

Risk factors operationalized in the software are systematically sampled and visualized with an intuitive traffic light coding. This assists the examiner in assessing the risk of myopia, enabling him to give quick initial treatment recommendations on a systematic basis.

Detailed take-home report for the patient

The printout shows the measurement results and the overall myopia risk along with recommendations for action and concise background information on myopia. This will enhance the patient’s understanding and convey the importance of regular check-ups.

Axial length
Measuring range 14 – 40 mm


Corneal vertex distance (CVD) 0; 10.5; 12; 13.75; 15; 16.5 mm
Sphere -20 – +22 D (CVD = 12 mm)
Cylinder 10 D (CDV = 12 mm)
Axis 0° to 180° (in 1° increments)
Minimum measurable pupil diameter 2.5 mm
Fixation target hot air balloon over a landscape


Technical specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H) 266 x 538 x 493 – 523 mm
Weight approx.12 kg
Voltage 100 – 240 V AC
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Interface USB
Standard accesories Thermal printer, TFT – LCD 5.7 in (touchscreen)